Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Easy 10-Step Planning Guide to Planning the Perfect Holiday Party

The Office Party | Something to Look Forward to Each Year

Holiday party planning encompasses much of what is right in the world today. Friends who come together to celebrate the holidays are actually reaffirming the friendships of past years and the accumulation of new ones throughout the year. This year is different though. This year you have the responsibility of arranging a wonderful company, holiday event. Here are the best, top ten holiday party plans for a company holiday party.

Get Your Theme Straight | Party Plans with a Purpose

Many holiday events require some sort of theme to go along with the actual event. Employees enjoy themes because they can leave their normal personality at the door and enjoy the theme as if they were a player of a part; a role. Themed office parties are one way to get the whole office involved. Pick the right theme and you will find everyone enjoys themselves a little more this holiday season

What’s on the Agenda? | Get Your Ideas in Order

In order for a well-planned event to go off without a hitch, the planner must organize their agenda and follow it explicitly. Agendas detail the when, why, where, and how of your party. Sticking to the agenda means you can utilize the flow of the party to your advantage. Get an agenda now and you’ll save yourself time, money, and trouble once the party is over.

Gift Giving Promotes Relationships New and Old

Now is the perfect time to exchange gifts. If the holiday party you are planning is the Christmas party for work, allowing gift exchanges is recommended, but keeping the gift giving to one individual per person works well when many are attending and only some will receive gifts. While gift giving shows the recipient how much they mean to you, never forget that if you are the only one handing out gifts, it will appear like you are trying to obtain future gratitude and therefore going against all the team building the holiday party represents.

To Drink or Not to Drink | It’s a good Holiday Party Question

Alcohol can ruin an otherwise perfect holiday office party if one of your coworkers decides that too much alcohol is never enough. You know the type, drinks one, two, three, four, and five drinks. Seems like everything is going well until they are talking louder than everyone else and their decisions become clouded by their drinking. If you have any doubt as to why you should serve alcohol, we recommend you leave it out of a well p0lanned office party. Why risk what you don’t have to. There is fun to be had even without drinking if you have planned well and have something for everyone, even the drinkers who don’t get to drink.

Recognizing the Best Every Year

Now is the time for recognition of employees who went above and beyond for the company. Include some time for the highest ranking member of the company to say some words about the previous year and the employees who worked hard to bring success to the table. By offering some simple recognition at the holiday office party this year, you will surely be making your coworkers happy during this happiest time of year.

What Kind of Event? | To Break the Rules or Not

Planning a Holiday Party for home or office places the responsibility squarely on the shoulders of the planner. It becomes imperative that the type of event planned for coincides with the attendees and their point of view of the event. Never leave your guests guessing as what to expect this holiday party. Knowing thewho, what, when, and where of the event makes it easier for attendees to know what to wear, bring, and how to enjoy this gathering of friends and coworkers.
Choose a Date and Time that Works for the Most People
Organizing a party is hard. Arranging for guests to attend is just as hard and comes with as much unknowing as the type of event and all the other plans before being planned. Set a date and time and then let it be known well ahead of the party. That way you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the turn out. Forget to get the word out and you’ll find your budget is wasted by a lack of attendees and abundance of foods and goods for the offerings. Most companies look to host a holiday party during the second week of December. The first week sees 33% of companies hosting their event. The second week of December see 28% of companies holding their annual party. Fridays are the most common day to throw a holiday party for coworkers with 50% being held on a Friday, 16% on Saturdays, 15% on Thursdays and then the remaining 19% being spread out over the remaining days of the week in December.

Guests or Coworkers| The Plus One Dilemma

Holiday Parties come with more than just employees and coworkers. Because American companies recognize the importance of life outside of work, employees will be able to bring at least one guest to the event as it promotes more relationship building among the company. When families become vested in the work that their partner or family member is performing. Being able to bring them to the holiday party does two things, shows the company what type of employees they have, and that the family member can see the benefits of company for themselves. Many Christmas parties ended with increased loyalty and devotion from employees after a successfully arranged and executed holiday party.

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Don’t Forget the Invites | Everyone who Should be There Should be There

Now is not the time to hold grudges against coworkers. Get ready to make a list and get the invitations in the mail. While there is much planning that must be done before invitations go out, venue, date, time of the event, but as soon as you have the answers for a few of these questions, you can begin invite those who will be wanting to attend.

To Venue or Not to Venue | Office Parties at the Office

Believe it or not, most offices have better accommodations than a public restaurant. Take a stroll through your office. Is there room to host your party? Will catering cost more than dining? Is it easier and cheaper to do it at the office or away? Will your budget bloom or fade away with each decision you make. Continue to read the Planning a Holiday Party blog for more insight on how to get the most from your party planning when you inform yourself on everything there is to know to throw a successful office party.

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